Soft Tissue Injury Prevention 101


Understand how to prevent soft tissue injuries before they happen and expedite recovery when they do.


Knowledge is Power!

How can you expect to avoid soft tissue injuries if you don’t know what they are and how they happen?  What if you haven’t learned the most effective ways to avoid soft tissue injuries and recover from them when they happen?

Changing The Conversation

There is a change happening in the construction industry.  We are beginning to focus on how we care for the craft workers. This change starts with how construction workers move and feel and how much PAIN we ask them to live with.

Lower Costs

Less injuries on and off the job correlate to lowers injury related costs for your company. On top of the economic benefit, a healthy and pain-free workforce will show up more often and work more efficiently when they do.

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What Are Soft Tissue Injuries?

Without a baseline understanding of what soft tissue injuries are, how they happen, and what the most common forms of them are, it’s unreasonable to expect people to take control over their own individual risk of experiencing one of these injuries. Thats why we start this course with critically important information about what Soft Tissue Injuries are, how they happen, and what the most common forms of Soft Tissue Injuries are for craft workers.

Chapter 2

Common Soft Tissue Injuries in Construction

Soft Tissue Injuries happen everywhere, but they are especially common on and around construction sites. In this Chapter we’ll cover the most common forms of Soft Tissue Injuries for craft workers and the activites that are most likely to cause them on the job. 

Chapter 3

What Causes Soft Tissue Injuries?

Some people are more likely than others to experience a soft tissue injury. In this chapter we’ll cover the physiological factors that contribuite to your injury risk level and what it takes to recover from an injury when one does occur. We’ll also discuss how you can take control of these injury risk factors and reduce your own personal injury risk.

Chapter 4

The 4 Stages of an Injury

We’ve broken down a typical Soft Tissue Injury into 4 stages. In this chapter we discuss each stage of injury and the actions you can take to feel better, prevent an injury from getting worse, and set yourself up for a full and speedy recovery if an injury can’t be avoided.

Chapter 5

How you can prevent Soft Tissue Injuries

In this chapter we talk about how a proper warmup and good movement patterns can help you avoid potential injuries on and off the job. We also discuss tangible and practacle things that you, the craft worker can do everyday to reduce your own risk of injury. The movements we demonstrate in this chapter can be used by ALL craft workers to reduce their own personal discomfort and risk of injury. 

More Than Just a Course

Upon succesful completion of Soft Tissue Injury Prevention 101 you’ll receive a certificate of completion as well as:

Movement Guide

Printable guide to daily movments that almost anyone can do in almost any setting to reduce discomfort and your risk of injury by increasing strength, range of motion, balance, flexibility, and mobility

Daily Warmup Sent via SMS

Get free access to daily warmups designed specifically for jobsite althetes. ProVention warmups properly prepare the body for work and reduce the likelihood of experiencing a soft tiisue injury on the job. 

Access to Knowledgebase

Become an injury prevention expert by accessing the ProVention database of job site specific exercises movements to address aches, pains, and movement limitations before they become injuries

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