Prevent Injuries and Reduce Pain Through Better Movement

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How It Works

ProVention Plus comes to your location to work with your manual labor employees. Our injury prevention program is designed to relieve your employees of existing pain and prevent future soft tissue injuries from occuring.

Dynamic Team Warm-Up

A group warm-up that goes far beyond “Stretch and Flex”. We warm-up the body dynamically focusing on range of motion and muscle activation to better prepare the body for work.

1:1 Therapy Sessions

We conduct 1-on-1 manual therapy sessions throughout the day lasting roughly 15 minutes each. Sessions focus on pain relief, alignment, movement patterns, and increasing strength and flexibility.

Data Driven Results

We measure and track progress for each participant we work with. Our program results offer tangible improvements in key areas that result in a reduction of soft tissue injuries and pain.

Who We Work With


More than 20% of all workplace injuries occur in the construction industry. We help you avoid some of these injuries by increasing the general health and strength of your employees. Concurrently, while also improving team morale and employee retention. Together let’s create a healthier and more resilient workforce.


Overexertion accounts for over 32% of all manufacturing industry injuries. We engage with your workforce to not only reduce pain, but also to show them how to maintain and improve their physical health.  Achieving our goals so they are able to excel at their craft and live pain-free.

Police and Fire

A recent study indicated that 80% of law enforcement officers are out of shape, making injuries and pain more common. We are proud to work with and support our first responders by giving them the tools and education to live a healthy, pain-free life on and off duty.

Warehousing and Cold Storage

Too many warehousing and cold storage workers live with chronic pain while working physically demanding jobs. A lack of general health, strength, a body preparedness are major contributors to the 36,360 days missed per year within the industry and soft tissue injuries account for 36.5% of all injuries and illnesses in the transportation and warehousing industry.


Injuries By The Numbers

Injuries in the industrial world are a leading cause for elevated costs, employee turnover, missed deadlines and an unhappy workforce.

Total cost of work injuries in 2020

Private sector musculoskeletal injuries in 2020

Average days missed from musculoskeletal injury

% Of all reported injuries are preventable musculoskeletal injuries

Our Approach

We take and hands-on approach (literally) to injury prevention. Our Specialists come to your job site and work 1-on-1 with your team. ProVention Plus will decrease the likelihood of an injury and increase your team’s range of motion, strength and their overall wellness through manual therapy, movement, breathing and education.

Our Mission

To reduce work-related injuries and to improve the overall health and wellness of our program participants making them more effective and happier employees for our clients.

How Injuries Impact Your Business

  • Lost time
  • Missed Project Deadlines
  • Less Productive Workforce
  • Increased Labor Cost
  • Higher Insurance Premiums
  • More Employee Turnouver

How We Prevent and Reduce Injuries

Everybody deserves to live a pain-free life, especially those that do the heavy lifting. Our philosophy at ProVention Plus is to provide a holistic approach to pain relief and relief from discomfort. We believe that people shouldn’t have to live with excess pain and that there are healthy long-lasting alternatives for addressing the underlying causes of pain. We believe in utilizing various manual and movement techniques as well as muscular training, dietary changes, and lifestyle are the keys to improving how an individual feels, moves, and lives.

Why it Works

Frequent, consistent, and personalized injury prevention care has proven to be the most effective way to reduce existing aches and pains and mitigate the risk of future injuries.  ProVention Plus programming does exactly that. Our 15-minute 1:1 sessions allow our Injury Prevention Specialists to treat the individual as an individual and create a comprehensive personalized plan to help them live a pain-free and healthy life.


ProVention Plus is a woman-owned family business that is passionate about helping people move and feel better. We specialize in injury prevention and have a mission to help people make changes (big and small) that will positively impact their lives on and off the job site. Our team of specialists are dedicated to providing you with the tools needed to lead a safe and healthy life. Let us show you how easy it can be to help your employees take control of their health – one step at a time.


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