Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

A combination of manual and movement therapy used to prevent musculoskeletal injuries.

To prevent or reduce the severity of injuries for individuals both inside and outside of the workplace.

Personal Training

Dedicated to creating an exercise prescription focused on promoting health and wellness.

Helping individuals and small groups recover from injury, increase strength, improve range of motion and cardiovascular fitness.

Group Presentations

Groups can learn about fitness, common workplace injuries, stress relief and other wellness related topics.

Opportunity is given to ask relevant questions and receive the tools and education individuals need to help themselves towards a healthier or perhaps more pain-free life.

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“With Provention Plus involved on our projects, we saw a dramatic decrease in the number of strains and sprains suffered by our crew. Kelly successfully managed the health of hundreds of our carpenters and laborers by providing focused attention to each person’s particular needs. The direct results of the program: increased productivity, reduced medical expenses and higher morale.”

Jack Harrington, Senior Project Manager. Webcore Builders

 “I have been strength training with Kelly since my 2016 Boston marathon training cycle. Kelly came highly recommended through other runners in my Fleet Feet Boston training group. The difference I have seen in my power, stamina, and confidence from working with Kelly is incredible.

I was surprised by the impact strength training has had on my running. As a runner I read all the time about the importance of strength training, particularly to stay injury free. What I think is not talked about enough is how crucial it has been to help me improve as an athlete. My speed is better, I have new deeper wells of power to draw upon. And while I have always had cardiovascular stamina, my form would suffer as my body grew tired. Now, my shoulders, back, core and glutes are strong enough to get me through back to back long runs during my ultra training.

Kelly has a background in massage therapy and really takes the time to analyze my running form and help me pin point areas to stabilize and strengthen. Every workout is different and built around where I am at in my training cycle.

I am so glad I found Kelly and am excited to what future goals Kelly can help me crush!”

Kerry Butters 


“An ounce prevention is worth a pound of cure”



Kelly Lynch Feldkamp

  • BS in Kinesiology from University of Illinois – Champaign Urbana
  • MS in Exercise & Wellness from Arizona State University
  • Licensed massage therapist & Insured personal trainer
  • Areas of expertise include:

• Clinical manual therapy

• Sports massage

• Thai massage

• Deep tissue techniques

• Swedish massage

• Guided stretching

• Corporate wellness & ergonomics